Learn More About the Role of a Santa Rosa Estate Planning Attorney

Working with an estate planning attorney in Santa Rosa, you can safeguard your assets for the long-term. But many still don’t have a clear understanding of the role of the attorney and how they can work to protect their clients. To help guide you, we’re highlighting what you can expect from a Santa Rosa estate planning attorney, in this latest post.

Arranging asset allocation

One part of the role of an estate lawyer is to arrange asset allocation documents. They can help clients to create wills to ensure their assets go to the right person at the time of their choosing.

Succession planning

An estate planning attorney can also guide their clients when it comes to succession planning for a company. They can arrange the documentation and ensure that all documents are completed according to the law. They can also set out a strategy that will limit the long-term negative impact on the company.

Managing life insurance options

An estate planning attorney must also be an expert in life insurance products. They can help clients to navigate the life insurance marketplace and ensure their family has the required protection for the long-term. This can give great peace of mind to seniors and can help to mitigate confusion regarding complex insurance products.

Altering an existing estate plan

Another way in which your estate planning attorney can guide you is by offering to alter your existing estate plan. Working with an estate planning attorney in Santa Rosa can help ensure that your estate plan changes when your lifestyle changes. If your business grows or you’d like to include new grandchildren within your estate plan, your attorney can help you to alter the documentation.

Settling disputes

If you encounter a situation in which a loved one has passed away and remaining stakeholders within their estate are challenging for rights to specific assets, you can work with a Santa Rosa estate planning attorney to settle disputes in your favor.

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