How to Find an Estate Planning Attorney in Santa Rosa

Looking for an estate planning attorney in Santa Rosa to help you put together a good estate plan is no easy task. Estate planning in itself is not something most people look forward to, as it is associated with death and mortality. That said, it’s important for you to think of your next generation. If you wish that your assets are rightfully passed down to your family without incident, you will need to make smart decisions. One of the important ones is to hire the right estate planning attorney, who can help you draft your will. Having done this, you can rest assured that your assets will be distributed as per your wish – duly, timely, and without any woes.

Ask Your Financial Advisor for a Good Referral

Your financial advisor is a great place to start looking for referrals. Most financial advisors view estate planning as one of the many essential parts of their client’s financial goals. Hence, it is likely that they know reputable estate planning attorneys that they can refer their clients to, based on their individual needs. You may also ask your advisor about his own personal estate planning attorney – and his answer will simply lead you to the person you are looking for.

Contact Your State or Local Bar Association

Every state in the U.S has a bar association of if its own. Lawyers located in a certain county and city are bound to have their own associations too. Many of these lawyer associations maintain a comprehensive list of all their members and their practice areas. Some of them also offer certified referral services to those in need of an attorney. Be sure to check online as well as your local telephone directory for a referral service in your neighborhood.

Check Out Adverts

Many real estate attorneys advertise through print, radio, and even the television. All states in the U.S regulate attorney advertising, so only genuine ads pass through the strict scrutiny of the state’s bar association and are allowed to be aired. This means that the attorney is not making any false claims, or promising you of results that cannot be attained.

Do Some Research

Estate planning attorneys have a lot of public records in their name that can be easily referenced before actually setting up a meeting, either in person or over the phone. Also, check with the attorney’s certifications which are a hallmark of expertise. During a meeting with the attorneys, be sure to ask questions about their practice, references, and a breakdown of the fees involved. The references can be especially helpful in understanding any intangibles that are hard to glean from marketing material and public records. Knowledge about their area of competence, and remuneration range, can make it easier for you to hire the most suitable attorney.

If you are looking for a reputable estate planning attorney in Santa Rosa, your search ends here. Contact Johnston & Associates Attorneys at Law at (707) 545-6542 today. Our attorneys have years of experience in succession planning, real estate transactions, and property disputes, and can help you draft your will.