When and Why Do Startups Require Lawyers?

There are many legal requirements for starting a new business. A startup lawyer who brings years of experience to the table is an essential partner to any new business.

A reputable startup lawyer has their clients’ best interests at heart. Your lawyer will help you navigate the legal landscape and make sure you are in compliance with legal requirements that apply to your industry, helping avoid legal issues down the road.

Here are some situations that make it necessary for startups to involve a startup lawyer from a business law firm in Sonoma County.

Company Formation

Your startup lawyer will help you choose the right business structure and place of incorporation. They will help you understand the benefits of different types of business organizations and help build a strong legal foundation.

Prior to Creating or Signing a Contract

Never sign a contract before having an attorney review it. An experienced lawyer can help you accurately interpret a contract to make sure the written contract reflects the agreement between you and the other party. They will also ensure that the contract outlines the work that will be done and the payment agreement.

Your attorney will also design an iron-clad contract for your business. They will make sure the contract includes every clause and is enforceable in court. The professional will create a contract template customized to your needs.

Protect Your Intellectual Property

If you own intellectual property, your attorney will help you register them for federal trademark and copyright protection.

These services are usually provided by an IP specialist. An experienced and well-connected lawyer usually has close working relationships with IP specialists and should be able to help you find an expert who deserves your trust.

Your attorney will create a non-disclosure agreement that focuses on protecting your most important assets.

Draft Employee Policies and Employment Agreements

Employment laws are constantly changing. Non-compliance with these laws can land you in a legal soup. An attorney can make sure your employee policies are up to date. The professional will help you draft an employee handbook and keep it updated.

The professional will create an employment contract that clearly outlines what is expected of the employees, helping avoid future disputes. An employment agreement must also provide the breakup of the remuneration and explain employee benefits.

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