What Does A Business Litigation Lawyer Do?

Business litigation encompasses several types of legal issues including fraud, shareholder oppression, zoning, land use disputes, partnership disputes, product liability, and violation of fiduciary duty.

A business litigation lawyer represents businesses embroiled in legal disputes with other companies or individuals. They have the complete know-how required to manage both minor and serious legal issues. They help their clients to navigate business litigation law.

A business lawyer in Sonoma County can help you manage disputes that arise from contract negotiations or interpretations and represent you in a variety of cases. Some examples are:
• Breach of contract case
• Help resolve disputes between shareholders and corporate management
• Manage strategic business partnership

Business litigation can drag on for months or even years. Not only is business litigation costly, it can damage relationships between promoters and shareholders. Business litigation can take a toll on stakeholders’ mental and physical health. For this reason, an experienced business litigation attorney tries their best to keep business disputes out of court.

Some business contracts require parties to try to resolve disputes through arbitration or mediation before going to court. If the parties to a dispute are unable to work together and reach a resolution, their business litigation lawyers can initiate an alternative dispute resolution procedure.

Experienced business litigation lawyers are expert communicators and negotiators. They bring different parties to a business dispute to the negotiation table and help them reach a mutually acceptable resolution.

The most common types of alternative dispute resolution are:

Mediation-In mediation, the parties in a conflict appoint a mediator with the skill, expertise, and training required to help them reach a mutually acceptable resolution. Meetings between the parties are presided over by the mediator. They analyze the arguments presented by the parties.

Once they review the situation the mediator tries to facilitate a resolution. If the parties accept the resolution, they must abide by the terms set out in the agreement. Your business litigation lawyer will help you navigate the litigation process. They will advise you of your rights. The professional will protect your business interests and make sure the agreement is legally binding and enforceable.

Arbitration– Many business contracts feature an arbitration clause which requires the parties to the contract to resolve any disputes through arbitration. An arbitrator can be appointed by a court or by the parties by mutual consent. During an arbitration session, the parties appear before the arbitrator. Every party gets an opportunity to present their case.

Once the arbitrator hears the argument presented by the parties, they decide how to resolve the dispute. Eventually, an experienced business litigation attorney can help you present your case effectively.

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