What Can an Elder Law Attorney Do For You?

When your loved ones are aging, protecting their legal rights becomes essential. Legal issues tend to become complicated over time. An elder law attorney can help them during this time. An elder law attorney in Sonoma County is a legal professional who addresses and represents various legal issues of the aged citizens, and ensures them a better quality of life. The elder law can be called a broad umbrella that shields the most common problems faced by senior citizens.

How Can an Elder Law Attorney Help?

Here are the top 5 ways that an elder law attorney can help a senior citizen.

  • Financial Abuse – Cases of senior citizens being bullied and harassed for money and property are not uncommon. Culprits practice undue influence, coercion, and manipulation in such cases. An elder law attorney can help them in securing their legal rights against financial abuse.
  • NursingHome – Finding the right nursing home for your elderly family members, at times, can become a daunting task. Factors like affordability, care, and comfort take a front seat in this regard. Hiring an elder law attorney can help them in finding a suitable one. The story doesn’t end here! At times, senior citizens fall prey to medical negligence. Commercialization and profitability can be the reasons behind this. An elder law attorney can help them in getting justice and due compensation for all the financial, physical, and psychological suffering.
  • Financial Options and Medicaid – Do you know that when an elderly citizen is unable to make sound healthcare and financial decisions, he or she can request the court to appoint an elder law attorney to make decisions on their behalf? This facility can be availed when no other alternatives are available. Though this is an involved process, and the senior citizen is kept under loop for all the decisions made. These lawyers can also help in assessing one’s eligibility for different Medicaid programs and other benefits to help them get maximum care coverage.
  • Life Care Planning – A customized and privileged plan is devised for every single senior client to improve their quality of life. Consulting an experienced attorney can help them in leading a peaceful and legally protected life. They will be responsible for varied facets – from care co-ordinations to estate planning. Since these professionals are seasoned in their fields, they can also take preventive steps for unforeseen situations.
  • Guardianship Selections – Guardianship is a legal facility offered to the senior citizens who are unable to take care of themselves. At times, the court hires a guardian without considering the preferences of the client. In such cases, elder law attorneys can defend their client’s rights, and will ensure the right guardian is designated.

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