What Are the Public Law Principles & How to Challenge a Public Law Decision?

Public laws are principles that deal with a legal matter and give the public the power to use their rights against wrongs. In broad terms, public law principles are rules and laws implemented and governed by public bodies, including government departments, local authorities, health authorities, and housing associations.

Public law is integral for the government and society to operate in a well-synchronized manner. This is because society works within the dynamic of unequally distributed power and public law principles are essential to regulate this.

The government is the supreme body with the authority to make decisions about public rights and how the country’s people must follow laws. That is why citizens should also have the power to challenge a decision by an authorized government body.

When Can an Individual Challenge a Decision?

Most public law dispute cases exist when a public law body doesn’t act according to the principles of public law and human rights. Therefore, an act made in an unlawful, irrational way can be challenged in a court of law, and there can be multiple processes to do so.

Suppose you need to be made aware of public law principles and how you can work to challenge a public law decision. In this case, you may seek help from a public law agency in Sonoma County.

What Might a Public Authority Do Wrong?

Public bodies have the right to decide for which they have complete legal authority. However, it rarely happens when a government body that governs public laws makes a decision that seems like a misuse of power or unfair practice of the authority.

How can you Challenge a Public Law Decision Made by an Authorized Body?

Judicial review is a very effective medium to challenge a public body’s decision. Judicial review is a process that helps you challenge an act made unlawfully by a public body or if you find a considerable decision is made based on unfair means.

If you are unable to file for a judicial review or your case doesn’t suit you that way, you can get support from public law agency in Sonoma County to go with a complaint procedure. Other than this, you may also appeal to a higher court to challenge a public authority’s unfair or unlawful decision.

How Can Johnston & Associates Law Help You?

You can challenge actions or decisions made by public bodies but what is more important to know is the ratio of the appeal’s possibility. You will also need to follow a specific process under the law to get a good result for your challenge. While some public bodies only accept complaints process, some other solutions can be filing a claim or challenge via different means.

The experienced attorneys at Johnston & Associates Law have the proper knowledge to help you challenge a public body’s decision. We provide complete support to help you obtain your desired result. Contact us today to discuss your case; call (707) 545-6542.