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Real estate/real property is a broad term that comprises land and any immovable structure that is attached to it like buildings, trees, minerals and homes among many others. It also includes any rights, benefits and interests that are legally attached to the land. Real estate law deals with a variety of issues including sales and purchase of property, home loans and foreclosures, rights of tenants, renters and homeowners, property development, land use and zoning, a title of ownership and so on. If you are an investor who intends to buy real estate and are looking for a real estate lawyer in Santa Rosa or Sonoma County, here are tips about real estate law that will help you;

  1. Consult a local real estate attorney.

When purchasing real estate, you will need a real estate lawyer to review your real estate forms, contracts or documents that are required to complete the transaction. Such a lawyer should ensure that you receive the necessary protection and privileges that you are entitled to under the law. A good real estate attorney should also advise you on how to take the ownership of the property- taking the title in your name or the name of a limited company.

  1. Know your rights.

It’s important to know your rights. This means that you will need your real estate lawyer to explain them to you. Because real estate law is such a broad subject, a proper understanding of issues that relate to property law is needed to avoid future problems. For instance, you will need to know your rights when dealing with neighbor relations, foreclosures, property taxes, property warranties and so on.

  1. Understand the real estate laws that apply to your deal.

Understanding the specific laws that apply to the deal you are about to make is important to ensure that you follow them entirely. A good knowledge of these laws will help you understand how they will impact your deal, hence be prepared to make any negotiations, lower the risks involved and make good investment decisions.

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