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Protect Your Legacy with an Estate Plan

It is a misconception that estate planning is only for the wealthy elite. If you own assets, you need an estate plan, period. An effective estate plan protects your beneficiaries, reduces federal, estate, and estate inheritance taxes, and helps avoid...
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Top 5 Things Every Estate Plan Must Have

Estate planning involves creating an estate plan to ensure your assets and finances are managed as you wish if you become physically incapacitated, mentally incapacitated, or you pass away. To leave out room for speculation and ensure that your wishes...
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4 Estate Planning Mistakes That Can Cost You

There are many benefits to estate planning. A carefully designed estate plan ensures that all assets are passed to the creator’s intended beneficiaries and is key to preventing any family conflicts, bitterness, or complications. Estate planning can be complex, which...
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How Do Blended Families Handle Estate Planning?

Blended families often face complex estate planning challenges. If you are raising a blended family, you need to ensure that your trust protects your current spouse and children from your previous marriage. Open and honest communication is the key to...
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Is Estate Planning the Same as Planning a Will?

Many people use the terms estate planning and will planning interchangeably. They are, however, two different processes. The basic purpose of creating a will and estate is the same – to provide relatives with instructions about how the creator’s property...
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