Speak to a Real Estate Attorney in Sonoma County for Problems with Your New Construction

Designing and building your new home is an exhilarating process. You get to have a hand in the design, material used, location, and the contractors who work on your home. Eventually, after months of waiting, your dream home is erected. Your contractor was great; he was responsive – like replacing paint or adding solar panels.

However, a few months later, things aren’t working. Maybe your doors aren’t closing quite right because your foundation wasn’t properly packed. If you have an issue, you may want to contact a real estate attorney in Sonoma County. Your natural instinct is probably to reach out to the contractor – he helped you before so why not now?

However, the situation is different. At the time, you were working together, and you were paying him. Now, even if you don’t accuse him of anything, you are challenging the quality of his work – which is an inherently confrontational position. Even if your contractor doesn’t mean to, he will become defensive because now he needs to protect his company from potential legal exposure.

Risk your claims for recovery

If you try to be your advocate, to work with the contractor, you risk saying or doing the wrong thing which undermines your claim. Everything you say and write to the contractor can be used as evidence against you – every time you say “I don’t blame you” that could be used as a statement against you saying that you don’t think the contractor is responsible – even though you were only being polite – not surrendering your rights.

An attorney can defend your claim

People don’t naturally think like attorneys – like anything you say could be used against you. For example, you wouldn’t have thought of building your two-story dream home on your own – you hire an expert. So, why not hire an expert to help you when you are confronted with legal issues? An attorney can assert your rights, and focus on fixing your home – without sacrificing your legal claims.

Our Real Estate Attorneys in Sonoma County Can Help

If you have issues with your new construction, you may want to contact the real estate attorneys in Sonoma County with Johnston & Associates. Johnston & Associates attorneys have experience addressing construction defects, construction contracts, and home improvement contracts.