Our Sonoma County Real Estate Attorney Highlights Your Options When You Discover Property Defects

In the State of California, failure to disclose a property defect may result in criminal charges of misrepresentation or fraud. The property seller must inform the property buyer of defects discovered within the property before the sale. So, it’s important that, when buying property in Sonoma County, you have a full inspection completed to confirm the property’s condition. If you’ve already purchased the property, and require guidance on your legal options, a real estate attorney in Sonoma County can offer guidance. In our latest post, we explore the potential legal strategies.

The Selling Agent Can be Held Liable

In some cases, the selling agent for the property can be held liable regarding the property’s condition and any defects discovered within the property. Under Common Law of California, the home seller and the selling agent must inform the property buyer of all features or instances that may have impacted the value of the property. Working with your Sonoma County real estate attorney, you can ensure that the seller and their agent hold liability for any problems associated with home

Proving Liability

One step in proving the seller and their agent are liable for any defects within the property is by proving that they were aware of the non-observable defects within the home. This can only occur if the buyer had a home inspection completed and only if these defects were not noted at the time of inspection. In cases such as mold infestations and foundation cracks, there is the potential for the seller to know of the problem without the home inspector finding it during their review of the home.

Work with a Real Estate Attorney

Working with a qualified real estate attorney is the best way to move forward in your case if you wish to make a claim of fraud or misrepresentation after you’ve purchased a home. Work with qualified experts to ensure that all documentation is reviewed before you move forward with this process. And try to find out more about the homeowner and their agent’s understanding of the condition of the property. Your attorney will research the home’s history and help make your case for you.

To discover more about the process of working with a real estate attorney in Sonoma County, call our trusted team today. We’ll guide you forward in your case and help you go over all the details to ensure a successful conclusion.