Selecting a Reputable Real Estate Attorney in Santa Rosa

Real estate lawyers usually handle matters of real estate only, including real estate transactions and disputes. Here are several things you need to know before hiring a real estate attorney in Santa Rosa.

Do not wait to call a lawyer

Most people usually wait until it is too late to call a real estate lawyer, for instance, when you have already signed a contract and a real estate lawyer cannot do anything about it. Although the services of a real estate agent are expensive, the flip side is a lot worse. If you buy a house without hiring a lawyer, you could end up several thousand dollars in debt if a tax lien goes undiscovered. This is a very expensive headache to have, and you could easily avoid it by hiring a real estate attorney.

Make sure that you hire a real estate lawyer

Many buyers make the mistake of hiring lawyers who do not practice real estate law. If your friend is a criminal defense lawyer, that does not mean he can help you with real estate problems. Real estate law is a complex field, and its customs and laws vary from one state to the next. Therefore, you would be better off hiring a real estate lawyer right away.

Lawyers can do things that realtors cannot

In some states, you need a real estate lawyer to close on a house. However, in other states, realtors can prepare purchase contracts without attorney involvement. Typically, you will have to pay for the attorney. The lawyer will act like a referee and ensure that all parties follow the law. However, if you want to add unusual terms to your purchase contract, a real estate lawyer can help you, but a realtor cannot. If an impending deal is even a little complex, your lawyer needs to be present.

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