What Does a Santa Rosa Mortgage Modification Lawyer Do?

You have a legal right to modify your mortgage in various scenarios. But before working with your lender on a plan to change your mortgage, you must first consider the ramifications of the process. There are often stiff penalties in place for those who undertake the modification process without first gaining insight on how to make a prudent decision. A mortgage modification attorney from Johnston & Associates can help guide you on your mortgage rights and on how to make the right choice for your homeownership. In this post, we’ll explore the role of the mortgage lawyer in Santa Rosa, and explain how they can help you.

Guidance on Responding to Foreclosures

If the lender has foreclosed on your home, you still have a legal right to respond. A mortgage modification could help to keep you in your home. But only by working with a Santa Rosa mortgage modification lawyer can you ensure you make the right choices for your unique financial situation.  The attorney might suggest fighting the foreclosure in court, pursuing a modification or giving up the property for the short sale.

Completing the Modification Process

In many cases, homeowners have decided for themselves that they want to go through with the mortgage modification before they speak with a lawyer. They might not know how to move forward. A lawyer can help you to analyze the modification process carefully and ensure that the modification is made based on your best interests. You may have to explain your financial hardships within the application, a lawyer can frame these hardships effectively to ensure the success of the application process.

Appealing a Modification Rejection

For those homeowners that choose to go the entire process alone without working with a legal specialist, the modification can be rejected by the lender. However, the homeowner has the option to appeal the verdict. And so many choose to hire a lawyer after they have been rejected, in order to ready their application for appeal. A lawyer can look at the basis for rejection and determine how best to complete the appeal.

Johnston & Associates Attorneys at Law Can Help

Working with a trusted local Santa Rosa lawyer can help you to complete a successful mortgage modification process. To discover more on your legal options, call our offices today.