Real estate law in Santa Rosa

Are you looking into real estate law in Santa Rosa? Real estate law covers a broad area of law and is regulated by state and federal statutes, as well as common law. The terms “realty,” “real estate,” and “real property” are often used interchangeably. Although most people associate real estate with land, buildings, and structures, real estate covers more than just these tangible aspects. The term also encompasses benefits and rights that are attached to the property such as mineral deposits, trees, and other geologic features. Moreover, it includes rights to the air above the land and to acquire additional property in the future. As a homeowner, you need to know about all of your rights.

How to Deal With Nuisance Neighbors

Many of us have been in an uncomfortable position with a neighbor. Perhaps a careless neighbor blasts music at all hours of the night, owns vicious, barking dogs, or accidentally knocks down part of your fence. If you’ve tried working it out with them to no avail, you need to take additional steps. Monitor them by collecting stories from other neighbors, making legal recordings, and taking appropriate pictures. Call the police to get a copy of any police reports. Once you collect enough information, seek counsel from an attorney specializing in real estate law.

What to Do When Natural Disaster Strikes

A natural disaster is terrifying. In its aftermath, victims are left wondering how they can pick up the pieces. Many victims need to make insurance claims. There are steps you can take to ensure your claim is paid as soon as possible. First, contact your insurance company. As traumatic as it may be, you need to be ready to discuss the damage in detail. When possible, you should document the damage. Do not discard the damaged items until the insurance adjuster looks at them.

Real Estate Experts in Santa Rosa

For issues regarding real estate law in Santa Rosa, reach out to Johnston & Associates Attorneys at Law by calling 707-200-1366. This multidisciplinary law firm specializes in real estate, construction, business, estate planning, probate, and much more.