Real Estate Law Firms in Sonoma County Can Help in So Many Ways

Buying a home is usually the largest single investment that most people make in their lifetime. Others use real estate as an investment vehicle. In either case, if you are considering purchasing real estate in Sonoma County, it is essential that you have a firm well versed with real estate attorney in Sonoma County to protect your interests. Here are just a few areas where a real estate is needed:

Buying or selling a property – These are the most basic transactions in the real estate world, but they should still be vetted by a lawyer before consummation. This fact is especially true in a commercial transaction but should also be considered for a high-end “boiler-plate” residential transaction.

Foreclosure proceedings – People default every day on their financial obligations. Fortunately, lenders who have a secured lien on a piece of real estate have a better than average possibility of recovering their money. Retain a lawyer to protect your interests in case you find yourself in this situation.

Easements and boundary disputes – There is an immense amount of land in the United States and property lines have not always been maintained very well. In addition, the government seems to think it has carte blanche when it comes to declaring easements of asserting eminent domain. You will definitely need a lawyer to arbitrate these disputes.

Construction disputes – Contractors are notorious for enforcing every codicil of a building contract – but only when it favors them. It is easily worth the cost to have an attorney review any construction contract before you sign it.

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