Do You Need a Santa Rosa Business Lawyer?

If you’re running a business and encounter a legal challenge, it’s imperative that you hire a Santa Rosa business lawyer as soon as you can. Yet it can be difficult to know when and how to hire an attorney. Within this latest post, Johnston & Associates Attorneys at Law will provide all the details you need.

Let’s look at several situations in which you need a Santa Rosa business lawyer.

Your Company is Involved in an Environmental Issue

Depending on the industry you are in, your company could become involved in an environmental issue for which you need to provide the ideal response. For example, you could be accused of releasing toxic elements into a nearby waterway, or you could be accused of sending out high levels of emissions from your factory, which could be outside of your environmental obligations. A business lawyer can help you to analyze this challenge and ensure you make the right decisions in response.

You’re Considering the Purchase of Another Firm

If your business is taking over another company, you’ll need a business lawyer to help ensure the process runs smoothly. Your Santa Rosa business lawyer will help to determine, which assets belong to the target company. They will also help you to go through all the documentation as well as the due diligence involved in making the right choice for your purchase objectives.

Former or Current Employees are Suing Your Company

In cases where you are being sued by a former or current employee, you’ll need a business lawyer to help you fight your case. A business lawyer can act on your side to determine the circumstances of the case and help to limit the potential penalties handed down by the authorities. The legal team can also help your team maintain their reputation during this process, reducing the long-term ramifications of the legal action.

You Wish to Contribute to Your LLC

In some cases, you can shield assets from tax exposure by adding them to your LLC. A business lawyer can help you with this process and ensure you make the right choices on how to manage your financial obligations. For example, appreciated property can be included within an LLC or partnership to help consolidate long-term costs for the business.

Turn to our trusted legal team at Johnston & Associates to learn more on the benefits of working with a business lawyer. Our team is here to guide you and your business to long-term success.