Why Do You Need a Real Estate Attorney in Sonoma County?

Your house is likely the most expensive purchase you will ever make, as such, a lot goes into the buying and selling process. With so much on the line, here’s why it’s always a good idea to hire a real estate attorney in Sonoma County, like our very own Johnston & Associates Law.

Real Estate Transactions are a Complicated Process

From the moment you decide to buy or sell real estate, until the keys exchange hands, the entire process is a complex mix of paperwork, research, document procurement, and legal jargon. Unless you have experience in real estate and mortgage law, you can quickly become overwhelmed and potentially cause unnecessary delays or costly mistakes.

With so much money in question, you want to make sure the legal documents are correct and that your best interests are properly represented. This is particularly true regarding mortgage agreements because even a small mistake can cost you thousands. However, an experienced attorney could potentially save you a lot of money while streamlining the process and giving you a leg up on the competition.

The Value of an Unbiased Party

Real estate agents, while a vital part of the process, can at times rely on a successful sale for a paycheck and cannot offer a truly objective assessment of the property in question to ensure a sound investment. Often, a real estate attorney in Sonoma County will help reduce the problems that can prevent a successful sale.

So many things can delay a real estate transaction. An attorney can foresee potential problems and act to prevent them. Using their wealth of experience, they can ensure all the necessary documents are in order before they are required and can stay a step ahead of the process to prevent additional issues.

A Professional More Capable Appearance

A side benefit of hiring a real estate attorney in Sonoma County is the added advantage over other buyers. Sellers want to be confident that they accept an offer from a capable buyer. Having an attorney on your side gives the seller that confidence in your abilities. It shows them that you have your ducks in a row and are ready to do business.

For more information about the role of a real estate attorney or to request a consultation, please contact the professionals at Johnston & Associates Law today!