Law Firm in Sonoma County

It may not be often that you need help from a law firm in Sonoma County. However, it is crucial to hire an experienced attorney when it comes to legal and financial issues involving estate planning.

No one really likes to think about topics that deal with mortality, but having a solid estate plan can help make it easy for your family when you pass away.

Documents to Include in Your Estate Plan

Every estate plan should include these documents:

  1. Will – This document names an executor who will act on your behalf after your death. The executor is charged with petitioning the probate court to put your will into effect and disburse your assets and property to your heirs according to your specifications and the approval of the probate court.
  2. Living Trust – By creating a living trust, you can prevent your assets from undergoing the probate process after you die. It is similar to a will in that it goes into effect when you die. It is a useful tool for tax planning purposes.
  3. Power of Attorney – In this document, you will name someone to represent you if you become incapacitated or impaired because of an accident, illness or old age. This person will assist with handling your financial matters and may also oversee your medical care.
  4. Advance Directive – This directive states your wishes as to what medical decisions or treatments may be made for you if you are unable to make them on your own.

With a solid estate plan developed with the help of an experienced law firm in Sonoma County, your family will not have to struggle with guessing what your final wishes were. It will also help avoid probate court and having to deal with the unpleasantness of the courts stepping in to determine how to divide your property and assets among your survivors.

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