Johnston & Associates Law has Skilled and Experienced Real Estate Attorneys in Santa Rosa, CA

Anyone contemplating the purchase or sale of a real estate property should get proper legal counsel before consummating the deal or they risk significant financial consequences. If you are looking for a real estate attorney in Sonoma County, the team at Johnston & Associates can help you with the following issues:

Purchase and sale contracts – Most residential real estate contracts are “boilerplate,” but it is still important to have a lawyer review them before signing. It is even more important when signing more complicated contracts that involve commercial properties, joint ventures, and tenancy in common contracts.

Failure to disclose lawsuits – While these lawsuits are difficult to prove after the fact without good paperwork, a good attorney can help you memorialize in writing all the details of any real estate deal. If you want to get what you think paid for – not just what the seller thinks you are entitled to – it is essential to go through this step.

Breach of contract – Similarly, complicated real estate deals involve numerous details that a prospective buyer or seller may overlook. Having an attorney work through the fine print will ensure that all your needs are codified on paper and that you get the deal that you have verbally negotiated.

Easement and boundary disputes – Without a doubt, all branches of government are another bane of property owners. If a problem arises as to who owns what or whether a local municipality can confiscate a portion of your property, it pays to have an experienced real estate attorney to represent you.

Real estate clients – from first-time home buyers to seasoned investors – looking for a qualified real estate attorney in Sonoma County should contact Johnston & Associates Attorneys at Law. We can be visited online at or reached directly at 707.200.1362.