How to Choose the Right Law Firm for Your Case and Needs

Eventually, everyone needs the services of a law firm in Sonoma County such as Johnston & Associates, Attorneys at Law, whether it is to transfer business ownership, seek compensation for injuries suffered, or resolve a divorce. Although there are many legal needs, the guidelines for selecting an attorney are universal. When looking for legal representation, you should consider the following:

Do the attorneys have experience?

Do the lawyers in that law firm have experience? You need to align yourself with attorneys who specialize in the legal service you need. Such a lawyer will know all the factors that may affect your case ahead of time.

What is their track record?

Ask your attorney about the results of previous cases that were similar to yours. If a legal matter ends up in court, inquire about their trial and settlement record. Although trials are not the best course of action, your lawyer must be very capable in the courtroom.

Does the law firm have staying power?

Newer firms work with clients while learning the ins and outs of daily business. However, a law firm in Sonoma County such as Johnston & Associates, Attorneys at Law, that has been around for several years has mastered the art of running a law firm and is ready to devote its attention to your needs.

How will you communicate and what is their billing like?

A clear process of communication will ensure that your lawyer gets all the details pertaining to your case in a timely manner. It also ensures that you stay in the loop as the case progresses. When the client and lawyer keep each other informed, the case will head in the right direction. Another issue that needs to be addressed is compensation. Will you pay per hour or a fixed amount? Find this out before hiring any lawyer.

Are you comfortable working with the law firm?

When choosing an attorney, do not look for a confidant. Look for a person who can defend your interests. You should also choose a person who makes you feel comfortable.

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