Hire a Local Estate Planning Attorney in Santa Rosa and Enjoy the Benefits of Local!

You may be at the point of your life where you’ve thought about estate planning and want to know more. Having an estate planning attorney in Santa Rosa is essential if you want to leave your legacy to your loved ones. A qualified attorney can give you peace of mind and make the process of setting out your last wishes simple. Today, we will give you three areas to focus on during your search for an estate planning attorney in Santa Rosa.

  1. Prevent your assets going to the wrong beneficiaries

If you have worked all your life and have acquired major financial holdings, a great deal of your wealth can end up in the wrong hands without a satisfactory estate plan. All of the wealth that was intended for your children or the local animal shelter could go to a distant relative. With estate planning, your wishes are clear and your attorney will assist in eliminating confusion.

  1. Protects your children

If you suddenly exit the picture and your children are by themselves under the age of 18, having formal instructions for the disbursement of your estate and care of the children is important. With the help of your estate attorney, money can be distributed to them in a number of ways, including providing payments for specific occasions, or providing them funds for specific items like their education.

  1. Limits tax burdens for your heirs

Much of the time, when a person passes away there are a lot of taxes that have to be paid when transferring estate wealth. A good estate planning attorney will ensure that fees and taxes are taken care of so your heirs have no worries.

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