Facing Mortgage Lending Issues? A Real Estate Attorney Knows How to Settle Your Claim

In many of the states in the U.S., you cannot buy or sell a house without the presence of real estate lawyer. Having an experienced attorney by your side will not only save you from facing unintentional breaking of any laws, but also assist to overcome mortgage lending issues. If you are not sure how areal estate attorney in Santa Rosa can help you, let’s have a look at following:

What is a Real Estate Attorney?

A real estate lawyer is someone who knows the rules and regulations regarding real estate transactions. These attorneys help clients resolve mortgage lending issues and understand contracts and other legal documents. They also deal with zoning issues and fraud related to mortgage, negotiate on behalf of their clients, and oversee the transfer of titles and deeds, apart from other responsibilities such as verifying whether any claim is filed against a commercial or residential property.

Mortgage Problems a Real Estate Attorney can Handle

It happens often that homeowners get entrapped in severe mortgage issues. If you are facing mortgage lending issues and need expert counselling for commercial or residential property foreclosure then contact a reputed real estate attorney in Santa Rosa. Most attorneys work with not just homeowners and business owners, but also junior lien holders and real estate professionals as well. They help you find ways to avoid foreclosure and ward off lasting damage to your credit.

Johnston & Associates Attorneys at Law specialize at mortgage lending, real estate, commercial law and alternative dispute resolution.They can help you find more favorable resolution to your mortgage lending issues and foreclosure problems. These include:

  • Negotiating payment plans with your lender and holders.
  • Help in extending maturity periods of a deed of trust and note with corresponding reductions in monthly payments.
  • Resolving forbearance agreements with suspended foreclosure.
  • Re-negotiation of adjustable rate terms.
  • Short sale comprising a modification of the note and deed of trust.

We have years of experience in dealing with troubled loans and help clients resolve problems related to tax liability, deficiency judgements, damaged credit, and debt forgiveness. For any additional information regarding how we work or for solutions to handle mortgage lending problems, connect with Johnston & Associates Attorneys at Law at 707-545-6542.