Discover More About Real Estate Disclosure Law in Sonoma County

The process of buying real estate in Sonoma County is complex and requires you to know the law before you finalize your purchase. What does the seller have to tell you as part of the purchase process and what should you know before you complete the deal? We’ll address the answers to these important questions as we look at the subject of disclosure in Sonoma County real estate law.

Don’t Rely on Disclosure Laws

While it’s important that you know about the disclosure law in Sonoma County real estate, you shouldn’t rely solely on the laws to protect you in a real estate deal. The law means that sellers must tell the buyer about lead-based paint used in the home. They must also tell the buyer about any pest issues they’ve had in the home, and in many cases, the seller or their agent must tell the buyer about the past history of the home in terms of incidents such as deaths that have occurred on the property in the last few years.

Always Get a Home Inspection

One of the first steps you should take if you’re serious about buying the property is to have a home inspection completed. A qualified inspector has a duty to tell you about any structural defects in the property and any issues that they discover during their work. This can help to identify potentially costly problems before purchase.

Work with a Lawyer to Ensure Compliance

Only by working with a qualified real estate lawyer can you ensure that the seller is complying with all the laws regarding disclosure. It’s your role in the transaction to be the proactive party and to find out as much information as possible before you complete the purchase. Having a Sonoma County real estate law specialist with you can help to ensure that you know the rules and regulations before you buy.

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