What is the Difference Between a Reliable Real Estate Attorney & Home Buying Agent?

When you need to choose a representative for your real estate transaction, there are many options available to you. Although you do not need to have a lawyer present when purchasing a home, and you can legally perform the transaction without the presence of a real estate agent, it is smart to have a reliable real estate attorney in Santa Rosa to represent your interests. You can also choose to have a home buying agent on your side while going through the transaction process. But are you wondering what the difference is between a real estate attorney and a home buying agent?

Real Estate Attorney

A real estate attorney can not only perform the duties of a home buying agent, but also provide a range of other services including:

1. Answer Your Questions: You will have an overwhelming number of complex legal documents in a real estate transaction. You need to read and understand all these documents before signing them. A real estate attorney in Santa Rosa can explain legal and technical terms and language, and ensure that you understand everything clearly, and sign the papers with peace of mind.

2. Offer Advice: You may have hired a real estate attorney for purchasing a home, but they can also give you advice on just about any legal issue. They can also compare the different offers you receive from various lenders, and determine which one best suits your needs.

3. Provide Protection at Closing: While you may be able to close your buying transaction without an attorney, it is a good idea to enlist an attorney’s help to review closing documents before signing. They can help identify any potential issues, and solve them before the transaction is complete.

Home Buying Agent

A home buying agent has the knowledge of real estate customs and laws in the area you are making a purchase. They can also guide you through simple real estate transactions. However, you need to bear in mind that a home buying agent is not a lawyer, and cannot provide legal advice while you are going through a real estate transaction.

The responsibility of a home buying agent includes performing market analysis of home values, submitting and negotiating offers between home sellers and buyers, drawing up closing contracts for the final transaction, among various others.

Get Legal Assistance While Buying a Home

If you anticipate or experience legal issues while purchasing your home, you should have a qualified real estate attorney in Santa Rosa to give you the answers and help you need. When it comes to real estate law, you can always rely on Johnston & Associates Law. Waste no time, and seek the counsel of the best attorneys in town. Call (707) 545-6542 today!