Why Death Cleaning Should be Part of Santa Rosa Estate Planning with Your Attorney

When committing to estate planning, it’s imperative you have a full understanding of the process and the challenges ahead. Our team at Johnston & Associates are experts in this area, and in this latest post, we’ll explain more about death cleaning and its role in the estate planning process for Santa Rosa residents and their attorney.

What is death cleaning?

Death cleaning is the morbid term for the process of getting rid of items before a person passes away. Consolidating the clutter can help make the process easier when a loved one passes and it’s important that you give your family some respite in the future by considering the death cleaning process.

Which items should be considered?

One of the leading items to consider during the death cleaning process is the payments made on a property. If you make automatic payments to your lender, for example, you should ensure these payments will continue. Work with your lender and your local Santa Rosa estate planning attorney to review your current financials and how to manage them effectively ready for a smooth transition for loved ones.

Present power of attorney

Another important consideration when determining the items for the death cleaning process is choosing your power of attorney. Often the responsibility falls upon a child or sibling to ensure that family wishes are carried out with precision. When choosing power of attorney, make sure you work with a Santa Rosa estate planning attorney to go over all the paperwork. They can help to ensure that all legal processes are completed according to the law.

What are some challenges in this process?

There are challenges that many families face as they take on the death cleaning process. For example, they often wait until their loved one is no longer cognizant of the process and this can make it difficult to complete the required steps. Some also encounter arguments about specific items that may be contested between two family members. Others find they cannot locate important documents. It’s essential to complete this process alongside a proven Santa Rosa estate planning attorney to help streamline the entire process.

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