Contract Attorney in Santa Rosa

How Many Contracts Have You Entered Into Today?

When some people think about having to deal with a contract their anxiety level rises and they feel overwhelmed. Reality is, they probably enter into contracts every day. They just don’t realize it. Have you purchased of a cup of coffee at Starbucks? You entered into a contract. How about making an online purchase? Contract, again. Sat in a dentist chair, or gone to the doctor for a check-up? That’s right, those involved contracts too. And while those contracts might not have been intimidating transactions between you and the other party, they were indeed contracts.

The truth is, many of the transactions in our lives involve entering into a contract. A contract simply involves two or more people who agree upon the terms and conditions under which their interaction, even if momentarily, will be governed. From a legal perspective, a contract is a promise or set of promises for the breach of which the law gives a remedy, or the performance of which the law in some way recognizes as a duty. I know. I just lost some of you with a bit of legalese. And that is exactly what happens when many people think about contracts. And perhaps the reason people hire a contract attorney in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County.

Of course, no one needs a contract lawyer to help them negotiate the purchase of a Grande Coffee Latte or to rent a video online. But, for contracts that are significantly more complex, or for which the risks of liability are high, consulting with a Sonoma County contract attorney is imperative. For example, business owners provide either services or goods, each of which is transferred to a buyer through the means of a contract. Some are written contracts, and some are implied. Contracts also govern employment relationships, property transactions, insurance coverage, partnership agreements, loans, child custody issues, and much more.

Contract law addresses a variety of issues related to contracts, including formation of a contractual obligation, interpretation of the contract, and enforcement of the terms and conditions of the contract. When performance on a contract goes sideways, a contract attorney helps identify and obtain the remedies that might be available for the breach.

At Johnston & Associates, part of our practice is to serve as your contract lawyer in Santa Rosa and throughout Sonoma County, helping individuals and business owners navigate through their contracts. Some people need help writing an enforceable contract, while others need our help as Santa Rosa contract lawyers to enforce or defend a breach of an existing contract. Still others need help interpreting the terms of their contract. Whatever your contract needs may be, as Santa Rosa, Sonoma County contract attorneys, we are here to help.