Business Law Firm in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County

As a business owner, you might be struggling with the thoughts of whether to have a business lawyer or not. You may need to make a decision sooner because you never know when the sheriff will come knocking to serve you with summonses or complaints. When that happens, it will be too late as you will have to dig deeper into your pocket to pay the attorney fees, court costs, settlements and other expenses. What a bad mistake!

There are things in a business that may not necessarily need a lawyer, like researching and reserving a trademark or a name for your business or corporation, but there are issues that need to be dealt with by a good business lawyer. For instance, you will need a lawyer to prepare contract forms that you will use with your clients, customers and suppliers and also respond to contracts from other people. You will need a lawyer’s help in deciding the kind of business organization to adopt (whether a corporation or LLC) and to do the necessary paperwork. When you are dealing with the leasing of commercial space, the agreements don’t need to be drafted to benefit the landlord alone; your lawyer will help by including provisions in the lease document that will benefit you.

You might buy a business and then a major environmental issue comes up unexpectedly or one of your employees threatens to sue your business for reasons such as discrimination or sexual harassment by senior members of your staff. Such cases carry heavy penalties and can cost you serious money, and that is why you need a business lawyer from a reputable business law firm in Sonoma County like Johnston & Associates Law.

Now you know why you need a business lawyer when forming a corporation, facing litigation, filing a patent and buying or selling a business. So if you have a business in Santa Rosa and its environs, don’t wait until it is too late. Choose a good business law firm in Sonoma County that has all the legal skills you need. Call 707-200-1366.