How an Attorney Can Protect You in Sonoma County Real Estate Disputes

Real estate is a complex area of the law. It is evolving rapidly to meet new challenges within the housing market and this means there are many areas of the industry that few homebuyers and sellers truly understand. For help in resolving disputes, you might turn to a local Sonoma County real estate attorney, and in this latest post, our legal team will explain the value an attorney can bring to the purchase process.


In cases where the dispute is not with another buyer but the bank or some other financial entity, you require the assistance of a Sonoma County real estate attorney to protect your rights. The attorney can guide you on the actions to take within the legal process and on how to ensure your family has access to the home while resolving any payment dispute with the lender.

Breach of Contract

In breach of contract cases, a dispute could be related to the buyer not finalizing their purchase after agreed upon steps had been taken. Or it could be related to the seller not fully disclosing specific issues with the property before the sale. When a contract has been signed and the other party refuses to abide by the stipulations of the contract, you have the opportunity to contest your case alongside a Sonoma County real estate attorney.

Contractor Dispute

Oftentimes homeowners find themselves in a dispute with a contractor when they are completing upgrades on the home. The upgrade might not have been completed according to your standards or you might find that safety elements have come into question as a result of the construction work being completed. In cases where you’re not happy with a contractor who has worked on the home, you can work with a Sonoma County real estate attorney to resolve the dispute.

Our team at Johnston & Associates has a recognized record of success in resolving real estate disputes. We work with you and negotiate with the other parties on your behalf to ensure the best possible outcome for the long-term. Our work stands out from the results we’ve achieved. To discover more, call us today!