Areas of Real Estate Law to Be Aware of In Sonoma County

Here at Johnston & Associates Law, we firmly believe in the value of education – including self-education.  There are plenty of professional attorneys practicing in real estate law in Sonoma County who are there when you need them – but often, the best approach is to have enough knowledge to avoid getting into legal hassles.

If you are a property owner in the Sonoma area, or looking to move into the area, there are some basic aspects of local real estate law that you should consider.  Even a cursory knowledge can help avoid problems.

Four Areas of Real Estate Law in Sonoma County You Should Know About

1 – Zoning and classification of properties

Zoning is extremely basic, and something every property owner should understand.  It covers two big issues:  what you can legally do with/on your property, and what your taxes are going to be.  Never purchase property without knowing how it’s zoned and what that will mean for your usage.

2 – Basic title transfer procedures 

It’s not always necessary to have an attorney when buying and selling property in Sonoma County – but if you don’t, you will need to know the procedures.  Some basic web searches can tell you the basic process and which forms will need to be filled out to successfully complete a title transfer.

3 – Tenancy regulations and restrictions

Are you thinking about renting out your property or otherwise making it available for public or semi-public usage?  That will bring a lot of new legal burdens and liabilities.  For anything more involved than Airbnb, you’ll want at least a basic grounding on your legal obligations as a landlord – as well as how it will affect your income reporting.

(And we wouldn’t be surprised if Airbnb gets regulated sooner rather than later.)

4 – Property tax regulation

Property tax law is an area that changes frequently, particularly since both state and federal regulations can affect it.  A smart property-owner will always stay current on the politics and pending regulations involving property tax.  Not only will it help you avoid legal trouble, but it will potentially save you money on your taxes too!

Need Advice About Real Estate Law in Sonoma County?

The basics can only get you so far.  If you have a legal issue, contact Johnston & Associates Law for highly-experienced legal representation from a team that focuses on real estate law in Sonoma County.