A Guide to Booking Real Estate Attorney Services in Santa Rosa

Are you looking for a real estate attorney in Santa Rosa? You should follow these tips to choose the right one:

Start Early

You should start looking for a good real estate lawyer as soon as you start your search for a new home. Give yourself plenty of time to find a great attorney, because you would not want to choose one at the last minute.

Ask for Advice

Have any of your friends or family recently bought a home? Ask them whether they would recommend any of the attorneys that they hired. Make sure that you inquire about the attorney fees and his usefulness in solving the case. You can also ask your real estate agent to give you the names of a few reputable lawyers.

Look for Experience

You should look for a residential lawyer who handles real estate transactions on a regular basis, not one who has only done it a handful of times. Check whether the bar association in your state has an attorney referral service. This is the easiest way to find an experienced lawyer.

Go Online

Once you have a shortlist of potential real estate lawyers, you should look at their websites. There, you will come across their background information, contact information, credentials, and specialties.


Choose a few attorneys that you will interview face-to-face. Phone interviews are not recommended because you will not be able to see the lawyer’s reactions. You also need to know whether you can interact well with the lawyer, and that is only possible to determine in person.

Do Some Reading

Has the lawyer that you are considering written any articles? Read any available articles to get to know your lawyer better before hiring them.

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