A Christmas Gift with a Lifetime of Benefits – and a Gift to You

Do you struggle to think of another Christmas gift for your adult children? How about a gift that will have a lifetime impact on your children and grandchildren? If they don’t already have a trust, this would make the perfect gift. And the advantages of a trust versus a will (or no will at all) are startling:

  • Without a trust, the probate fees for an $800,000 estate will be about $41,000. The cost is the same whether you have a will or no will at all. By contrast, the cost for an estate planning package is about $4,000.
  • A probate typically takes between 12 and 18 months to complete, whereas the administration of a trust is typically completed within six months.
  • A probate is a public proceeding, whereas a trust administration is conducted in the privacy of the attorney’s office, unless someone takes it to court.

And now for my gift to you: If you or your children call for an appointment before December 31, 2023, you will save $380. Now you can enjoy the savings while being a blessing to your children and grandchildren!