7 Keys to Choosing the Right Lawyer for Your Business

Whether you would like to acknowledge it or not, if you are a business owner, you will need a legal expert at your side, someone who will be an asset, and ensure you get the right representation and legal assistance when you require it. As an entrepreneur or a new business owner, if you have never hired a business law firm in Santa Rosa, it can be overwhelming to choose one. Thankfully, you can use the following seven tips to help you get the ideal lawyer for your business.

  1. Determine When You Really Need a Lawyer

Remember, no lawyer will give you legal advice for free. So, make sure you hire one when you really need a lawyer. Do your research before you do anything related to your business, like onboarding investors, signing a new lease or forming a new partnership. That way, you will have sufficient time to find the right lawyer for your business needs, and to ensure your rights are protected.

  1. Figure Out the Kind of Lawyer You Need

Businesses have different needs, so when you are looking for a business law firm in Santa Rosa, ensure you find a law firm and attorney who can meet your legal requirements. Most business attorneys can handle the formation of a company, but your attorney should also be able to customize legal documents to suit your specific needs.

  1. The Lawyer Should Be Willing to Learn More About Your Niche

You do not need a generalist business attorney. Instead, look for a lawyer who has knowledge about your niche and industry, or shows willingness to learn about your niche. That way, you will not have to contend with communication gaps and challenges, and will have no reason to get nervous if a legal issue arises.

  1. Find a Business Law Firm in Santa Rosa That is the Right Size

The last thing you need is a law firm that pushes you down their priority list because they are busy billing large clients. So, make it a point to collaborate with a law firm that is the right-fit for your organization, and has the time and staff to respond to your needs. Make sure you know which business attorney to call up if you need legal assistance.

  1. Select a Law Firm That Offers More

While legal services are not cheap, it is best to collaborate with a law firm that provides you more than just legal assistance and advice. So, find out if the firm hosts networking events, knows other attorneys and law firms should you need specialized legal help, is a member of trade associations so that you can benefit from it, or can fix up meetings with strategic partners and potential clients. Such a business law firm in Santa Rosa is just what you need when you are starting out your business venture.

  1. Choose a Business Lawyer in Your City

It is advisable to go with a law firm that is based in your city, so that you can have face-to-face meetings as and when required. However, if you need specific skills and experience that your city’s attorney cannot offer, it makes sense to look beyond your city to get access to the best legal counsel for your business.

  1. You Should Be Okay with the Fee Structure

Do not hesitate to ask the attorney about the fees as you would have to set a budget for it. Ensure you understand the fee structure, and are okay with it. Otherwise, you will get a nasty surprise when the law firm bills you. Typically, attorneys work on an hourly basis, but some can bill you on a monthly retainer basis.

Use these seven tips to help you find the right lawyer and business law firm in Santa Rosa for your business. If you are on the lookout for a reliable lawyer for your business, Johnston & Associates Law is a name you can trust. Our attorneys have years of experience, and can help you handle all your business matters. Contact us today at 707-545-6542.